Tanzania day Tours

EASTCO’s Day Tours

EASTCO offers a selection of Tanzania day tours to nearby national parks, attractions, local communities as well a cultural activities. Below is a selection of our favourite day trips we have been offering for the last twenty years.
Arusha National ParkLying between the peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru, Arusha National Park is an incredibly beautiful area. The park has a wide range of habitats, from the string of crater lakes home to waterbirds and flamingos, through the highland montane forest and to the summit of Mt. Meru. The forests contain a wealth of birds and wildlife as well as some of the most diverse orchid species to be found in East Africa. During the drier months of August through to October, the shores of the Momella lakes are lined with lesser and greater flamingos. Over 400 species of bird have been recorded in the park. This high number is mainly due to the wide range of habitats found in the
area. The park is justly famous for the beautiful black and white colobus monkeys which are often seen high in the trees. These monkeys are very spectacular with long white bushy tails, and are only found on Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro.
Tanzania day tour Description: Early this morning we will collect you from your hotel in Arusha at about 07hr30 and depart for Arusha National spend the morning game viewing. Picnic lunch will be provided in the park, and in the afternoon you will have the chance for a trek on the slopes of Mt Meru with the park ranger. Returning to Arusha about 19hr00.Cost (minimum two clients): $200 USD per person.
Lark Plains Six kilometres past the Masai market town of Oldoinyo Sambu and about forty minutes from Arusha, we can find the lark plains, also known as “little Serengeti”. Here we can find the critically endangered Beeseley’s Lark as well as eight other lark species. Dominated by Mt Meru and with Kilimanjaro across the plains, this area is an internationally known destination for birders due thelark species found here. The area is also known for raptors, the rare Lammergeier, Tawny Eagle and Steppe Eagle soaring above the plains.
Tanzania day tour Description: Early this morning we will collect you from your hotel in Arusha at about 08hr00 and depart for the plains to spendthe rest of the day birding with a picnic lunch. Our guide will be one of our local birding experts. Returning toArusha about 19hr00.

Cost (minimum two clients): $160 USD per person.

Tarangire National Park and Conservation Area

This park represents perhaps the closest approximation to people’s expectations of Africa. Savannah lands, acacia stands, clusters of baobab trees, large herds of elephant and large tracts of rarely visited game lands make this perhaps the epitome of the safari experience. The park is approximately 2,600 sq kms within an ecosystem of over 20,000 sq kms on the Masai steppes, and during the height of the dry season is second only to Ngorongoro in density of wildlife. Tarangire is also arguably the best park in Africa for elephants with a population of over 3,000; and during the season, these are concentrated around the permanent waters of the Tarangire river during the heat of the day. As in all ecosystems the vegetation and the types of animals you find are closely correlated. The principle features of the ecosystem are grasslands and floodplains, acacia tortillas and baobab parkland, riverina woodland, acacia commiphora woodland and combretum woodland. Three swamps form very important all year water sources for the large elephant populations, Silale and Gursi within the park, and Goswa within the conservation area.

Tanzania day tour Description: This morning we will meet you at the junction town of
Makuyuni and head for Naitolia where you will meet up
with our Masai guides and begin your trek across the
Lemiyon Plains. At about 12hr00 we will transfer you to
Boundary Hill Lodge for lunch, and then spend the rest of
the day game viewing in the park. Game viewing in
Tarangire is best during the early afternoon when the
wildlife is congregated along the edge of the Tarangire
River. We will then drop you off at Makuyuni about 17hr00,
depending on your forward plans.Cost (minimum two clients): $190 USD per person.
Masai Steppes Community VisitThe plains south west of Arusha are the homelands of the pastoralist enigmatic Masai tribe, famed for their warrior history and for their reluctance to change their traditional lifestyle under pressure from the modern worlds.
Tanzania day tour Description:This morning we will depart Arusha at 08hr30 and head
towards the Masai steppes, where you will be given the
opportunity to visit a traditional Masai Boma, and
depending on what day it is we will visit one of the local
Masai Markets, each village having a different day of the
week. Lunch will be in a local bar/restaurant where for
those who are game we can sample the traditional fare. (a
picnic lunch will also be provided for those who are less
adventurous). Returning to Arusha approximately 19hr00.Cost (minimum two clients): $190 USD per person.