Eastco diversity

EASTCO – Itineraries of Diversity & Originality

“O.K. so you’ve kopje-hopped the Serengeti, barged your way through the minibus melee of the Mara and satiated your elephant-fetish in Chobe. You’ve bought the khaki shorts and that waistcoat with all the pockets, you’ve invested in the bird identification books and you know a few words of an exotic African tribal language – and you want to use them, god-dammit. You need to try something a little different.”

In 1997 when we launched our first website on the internet, that was the opening lines for our “Off the Beaten Track” safaris. A lot has changed since then; we have mellowed with age; Tanzania has developed at an incredible place; and finding that exclusive locale in the African wilderness is just that much harder. From only three lodges in the Serengeti when we started to now over twenty lodges, semi – permanent and permanent camps throughout the Serengeti and the surrounding Game Reserves, from only two in Tarangire to now over fifteen. At EASTCO we still try hard to find that location; that special lake shore or bush camp where the only sounds you are likely to hear are the hyenas at night or the birds in the early morning, and not the sound of the generator from a nearby camp.

We still offer the regular lodge safaris to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro as we realize that, despite their popularity, the game viewing here is unrivalled. However we still try an offer an exclusive experience, with our modified and updated mobile tented camp, large “East African” style tents with en-suite “star” showers, and bathrooms, wrought iron beds with large comfortable mattresses, set up in private locations to experience the wilderness; not for groups of twenty or more, but established for your own private use! With our mellowing however we also prefer itineraries that are still “Off the Beaten Track” but provide the same traditional experiences, whether it be walking in the woodlands of the Tarangire ecosystem, hippo watching from a drifting dug out canoe on Lake Babati, mountain biking through the tea plantations and rainforests of the Amani Nature Reserve, sailing in an outrigger ngalawa on the Swahili coast, camping on the beach at Sadaani, wilderness game viewing in Mkomazi, a traditional lunch prepared by the Babati “bee ladies”, or enthralled by the guides at Kolo as they explain the mysteries of the ancient rock art found scattered throughout the hills.

Our selection of itineraries below is only just that – a selection: to give you an idea of what we can do, what is possible and what we think are some of the best options in East Africa. They are all private safaris, private expeditions to localities well known and some not so well known. As you read through them, think about what your ideal safari would be like, what you expectations are and if possible, let us know and we can design that special tour.

This is without a doubt the most successful community conservation project in Tanzania not only in terms of revenue generated but also in terms of habitat and wildlife preserved for future generations.

Download the pdf describing our standard, our full service camps and EASTCO Pre-departure Information.