Eastco smorgasbord

A Tanzanian Smorgasbord

Tanzania is one of the foremost destinations in Africa. Here is just a few reasons why:

Exclusivity: Tanzania has the largest tracts of land given over to conservation in the world but has the least number of visitors of the major five safari destinations.

Sights: Tanzania has the highest mountain on the continent (Kilimanjaro) as well as the largest lake (Victoria) and the second and third for that matter. The deepest lake (Tanganyika), largest Game Reserve (Selous) and most famous National park on the planet (Serengeti)

Stability: Tanzania has not suffered from the tribal and ethnic conflicts that have scarred its neighbours, having chosen the path of peace from Independence in 1961.

Eco-Diversity: From the snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro to the dry savannah of Tarangire, there is an unrivalled diversity of habitats with an average five-day safari in the Northern Parks encountering fifteen separate, recognisable eco-systems.

Wildlife: Almost 25% of the country is given over to protecting wildlife. An estimated 20% of Africa’s large mammals, including all of the Big Five are in Tanzania. The only country that allocates a greater area to conservation is Costa Rica.

Commitment to Conservation: In addition to the huge tracts of land given over to the National Parks and Game Reserves, the Tanzanian government also spends a higher percentage of its revenue on conservation than any government in the “developed world”.

Dry and Temperate Climate: The Northern Safari Circuit in Tanzania has the perfect climate; warm to hot dry days and cool evenings. Despite its proximity to the equator, temperatures rarely reach the summer highs of Europe, Australia or America.

People: The 120 tribes of Tanzania, from the Masai of the North to the Swahili of the coast, united in one country, one language and one people.

Download EASTCO’s TZ Fact Sheet pdf, seven pages of information including climate, geography, getting around,currency and health.