Lake Babati

The Green Hills of Lake Babati

During the 1930s the future King of England hunted lions on the mountain slopes above Lake Babati, Ernest Hemingway wrote of his expeditions around Babati and on the Masai Steppes in his novel “The Green Hills of Africa” and Bror Blixen, of “Out of Africa” fame, had his hunting lodge near the lake shore.

The modern explorer can also experience the uniqueness found in the Babati area, trekking on the mountain slopes, the melting pot of tribes that make the area their home and viewing the largest population of hippos in northern Tanzania as well as Tanzania’s only designated Hippopotamus Reserve.

Dug out canoeing; walking safaris; cultural exchanges; and climbing Mt Hanang, Tanzania’s fourth highest mountain; relaxing in our private camp on the lake shore; fishing and birding; or tasting the sweetness of the local honey; Babati has so much to offer those who want to get away from the herds and experience Tanzania.

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